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The whole concept behind sustainable landscaping is based on the idea that there is an obligation to protect the environment, use materials and processes that are regenerative, actively contribute to the development of healthy communities. More specifically, sustainable landscapes consider the carbon footprint, clean the air and water, increase energy efficiency and restore habitats. Ultimately, landscaping that considers these factors will provide added value whether you’re talking commercial landscapes, residential landscapes or estate landscaping.

“Sustainability can be broadly defined as the capability of natural and cultural systems to maintain themselves over time. Sustainability is supported by an individual and collective motivation to use a low impact and less consumptive approach to interaction with other people and the environment.”
– American Society of Landscape Architects position paper, 2007
  • Minimize the use of fertilizers, while incorporating organic products whenever possible.
  • Choose perennial plants over annuals, as appropriate.
  • Take the time to perform manual weeding, while using best practices in limiting the use of herbicides for weed control.
  • Mulch turf areas, rather than collect cuttings to replenish and nurture lawns.
  • Reduce rainwater run-off by incorporating landscape designs that limit erosion and incorporate permeable hardscape materials that allow rainwater to filter into the ground and replenish groundwater.
  • Audit irrigation systems [links to irrigation section] and practices to identify opportunities for water savings.
  • Reduce water use in landscapes through xeriscape Florida techniques.
  • Employ Integrated Pest Management techniques for pest control.
  • Use native Florida plants that attract butterflies and other desirable wildlife.
  • Employ energy-efficient landscape designs, including the proper placement and selection of shade trees and other plaints especially with respect to Florida’s exposure to wind and rain
  • Rely on manufacturers and vendors who use recycled materials for paving stones, mulch, etc.

We would be delighted to discuss the latest trends in sustainable landscape architecture design and landscape maintenance. It’s all part of our high regard for you and your environment.

Rood Landscape supports sustainability by implementing the following practices:

Rood has incorporated larger water structures into residential developments to capture and reuse rainwater to support green building and green initiatives.

Complete landscape service for South Florida

You’ll find every aspect of commercial landscape services and residential landscape services under a single, welcoming canopy:

  • Complete landscape installation
  • Landscape maintenance, including care for lawns and ornamentals, permanent structures and hardscaping
  • Environmentally sensitive weed and pest control
  • Landscape lighting and other “landstyling” services
  • Tree services, including planting, pruning, fertilization and removal
  • Irrigation services

We also rely on the expertise of our sister company

For the very best in irrigation installation, automated monitoring and sprinkler maintenance. So your Florida lawn and ornamental landscaping get the water and nourishment they need, while conserving one of Florida’s most precious resources.



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