Estate Landscaping

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Preserving the value and enhancing the enjoyment of a most precious asset

Whether we’re dealing directly with the estate owner or the owner’s representative, estate landscaping offers its own challenges and rewards. It all begins with opening lines of communication and building trust. It’s based on the best horticulture, landscape maintenance and irrigation practices that ensure proper water conservation, minimal use of fertilizers and prudent use of fungicides and pesticides

Rood Landscape becomes the eyes and ears of your property. Your Working Account Representative (WAR) will work hand in hand with you and our staff to monitor the health of your landscape. Through systematic landscape maintenance, we work pro-actively to identify diseased plants (replacing or restoring them), monitor possible areas for erosion and runoff, and prepare the property for the hurricane season. And our relationship with pool services and other service providers offer an uninterrupted system of checks and balances of your entire property.

Complete landscape service for South Florida

You’ll find every aspect of commercial landscape services and residential landscape services under a single, welcoming canopy:

  • Complete landscape installation
  • Landscape maintenance, including care for lawns and ornamentals, permanent structures and hardscaping
  • Environmentally sensitive weed and pest control
  • Landscape lighting and other “landstyling” services
  • Tree services, including planting, pruning, fertilization and removal
  • Irrigation services

We also rely on the expertise of our sister company

For the very best in irrigation installation, automated monitoring and sprinkler maintenance. So your Florida lawn and ornamental landscaping get the water and nourishment they need, while conserving one of Florida’s most precious resources.



Rood Landscape is not for everyone.

It’s for those who appreciate the value of service in landscape installation, landscape maintenance,
tree services, pest control, weed control and irrigation services.